New generation of oil and grease seals
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  The seals represent an increase in the complexity of sealing technology, compared with a standard oil seal design.

  The improved protection the Mud Block seals provide is the result of the design of its lips. Often the failure of a seal in transmission is due to water and mud ingress at the radial lip. In the Mud Block series, the geometry of the seal design has been altered to provide the optimum protection against water and mud ingress at this point.

  The new design offers a number of standard features throughout the series. These include a stop bumper between the sleeve and seal that facilitates assembly and ensures correct position of the axial lip. The outer surfaces of the seal and the sleeve inner diameter are rubberised to provide good corrosion protection. Also, the inner lips are pre-lubricated with highly water-resistant transmission grease.

  Consequently, this offers better reliability during assembly and replacement in the field and eliminates the need to carry out shaft machining.Tailored design

  The seals are tailored to the customer¨s requirements for assembly. Full rubber outside diameter designs can be provided with or without a flange, and the outside diameter can be fabricated half in rubber and half in metal. The inner radial lip can be varied to offer oil or grease sealing, i.e. a standard lip design with garter spring for oil sealing and several radial lips fabricated in rubber for grease sealing.

  Mud blocks can be fabricated in a variety of elastomer materials, depending upon the component applications and their particular operating conditions. The range of materials includes nitrile, polyacrylate and fluorinated elastomeric compounds. Seals are required on non-driving wheel hubs that usually operate at low speeds, as well as on pinions, which experience high revolutions and high temperatures.

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